Julien Chung

About Julien

Julien creates out-of-the-box illustrations for children’s books that are modern and concept driven, pulling on his graphic design background and visual problem solving skills. At the same time he creates expressive, endearing and relatable characters. He uses bright colors, bold shapes throughout and adds just a bit of hand drawn scribbles and rough textures.

His first superhero was Milton (Glaser) a graphic designer in New York. Known for his posters, Milton believed that ideas, simplicity and impact were important. Julien learned about colors, shapes and simple words from another superhero, Lois (Ehlert, not Lane). Lois used cut out paper to illustrate the children’s books that she wrote herself. Over time he has added many others to the list, like Ed (Vere), Jon (Classen), and Laura (Carlin) and Kara (Kramer) just to name a few.

Julien likes chocolate ice cream (preferably with chocolate chunks), sketching with rainbow pencils (you never know what color the line will be), and dogs. He lives in Montreal with his wife and grandchildren. Even though Montreal is full of skyscrapers, there’s a park nearby with squirrels, woodpeckers, deer, and Canada geese. Julien likes to draw them all.

Julien has illustrated 13 (a lucky number!) books published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. He has garnered awards at 3x3, American Illustration, SOI, the Nami Concours (Korea) and the World Illustration Awards. "Hurry Up!" was selected to be exhibited at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in 2018.

List of Clients

Beach Lane Books, Scholastic, Little Simon, Owl Kids, Kids Can Press, La bagnole, Les 400 coups, Isatis