Benedetto Cristofani

About Benedetto

Benedetto is a visual artist with a graphic and conceptual style who has been working for publishers, advertisers and institutions. His work has been recognized and exhibited by The Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles, American Illustration, Latin American Illustration, Communication Arts, 3×3 and Lürzer's Archive.

He was born in Siena on April 25, 1983. After graduating from the Psycho-Pedagogical Lyceum, he attended the Multimedia Illustration and Animation course at the European Institute of Design in Milan. He soon began to work as an Illustrator and Art Director at some advertising agencies and then exclusively worked as a freelance illustrator.

In his creative process, the illustrative style is functional to the concepts to be communicated. His illustrations can thus be detailed or synthetic and the choice of each element present in them has the sole purpose of creating interesting metaphors with the elements present in the brief. Benedetto always tries to create powerful images that strike the conscience of the observer and that, although born from an editorial content, can survive it as images that speak of our time.

List of Clients

The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Science, The New York Times, Wired, IBM, NBC News, Politico, Foreign Affairs, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, GQ, MIT Investment Review, Der Pragmaticus, Reader’s Digest, Barron’s, L’Express, Le Courrier International, Internazionale, A-Magasinet, Texas Monthly, The Times and The Sunday Times, Kiplinger’s, Handelsblatt, Investment News, APlus Magazine Hong Kong, The Washingtonian, American Gas, The Santa Fe Opera, OZY, The German Federal Ministry of Health, The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, New York University, Columbia Medicine, Pennsylvania College, Cedars-Sinai