Charlie Padgett

About Charlie

I’m an American born illustrator, graphic designer, animator, guitar player, daydreamer, eater of pizza, Godzilla fan and most importantly a husband and father living just outside Bordeaux, France.

With my illustrations, I work hard to bring a fresh perspective and create multi-layered, conceptual work that resonates with the audience long after they have turned the page, scrolled down, left the building and got on with the business of living.

List of Clients

Scientific American, Grey Advertising, La Vie, Smithsonian Online, Mad Tree Brewing, Molecular Metabolism, University of Montreal, Chunklet Magazine, Nature Neuroscience, University of Michigan, Cell, Neuron, , Major Arcana Records, Shake It Records, Inserm,  Sonic Winter, Dojo Gelato, Helmholtz Zentrum München, University of Montreal, Neurocentre Magendie, Happen Inc. and Curiosity Advertising.